$10 Mil.

Judgement – Wrongful Death


Facts: In the early morning of October 10, 2019, Crue Ridenoure was tracked down by his killer, shot in the chest before being dragged from the roadway and left in a ditch. His killer intended to deliver revenge upon Ridenoure and admittedly shot Ridenoure in the chest because Ridenoure refused to fight him after being ambushed. Having been found by coincidence by a passerby, Ridenoure was fortunately able to identify his killer before ultimately succumbing to his injuries. Our team brought diligent and unwavering support to the cause, determined to provide the strongest sense of justice and closure to Ridenoure’s survivors. The Court’s agreement with the egregious facts of this case coupled with the immense loss suffered by our Clients could not be more plainly stated than the $10,000,000 Judgment entered by the Court following our trial. 

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